Resident Evil 2Edytuj

  • "Get down!"
  • "What are these things?"
  • "That maniac's gonna ram us!"
  • "Ada, wait!"
  • "Claire, Claire, wait, wait! Man, why doesn't anyone ever listen to me?"
  • "Running off like that was reckless and stupid!"
  • "Game over."
  • "Goodbye, Ada..."
  • "You're right. This is just the beginning."
  • "Hey, it's up to us to take out Umbrella!"

Resident Evil 4Edytuj

  • "Six years has passed since that horrendeous incident."
  • "Guess that is a locals way of breaking the ice."
  • "I am sure you boys didn't just tag along so we can sing Cumbaya together at some boy scout camp fire together. Then again maybe you did."
  • "Great, chainsaw."
  • "Where's everyone going? Bingo?"
  • "That's too good for a guess. Wanna start explaining?"
  • "Somehow I managed to get myself involved with the incident Raccoon City on my first day in the force."
  • "Faith and money will lead you nowhere, Saddler."
  • "Sounds more like an alien invasion if you ask me."
  • "Hasta luego."
  • "Don't worry, Ashley, I'm coming for you!"
  • "If you don't need me, then get off my back, old man!"
  • "Well I don't really give a damn, rain or shine, you are going down."
  • "Sorry, but following a lady's lead just isn't my style."
  • "Ada so it is true. You working with Wesker."
  • "Ada..."
  • "What did you do to her?"
  • "Won't fall for this old trick."
  • "Your right hand comes off?"
  • "Monsters. Guess after this there'll be one less to worry about."
  • "This is no Ritual. It's terrorism."
  • "You got her involved just for that!"
  • "You've lost it completely Krauser."
  • "Now that's what I call backup."
  • "Saddler, you're small time."
  • "I knew you'd be fine if you landed on your butt."
  • "Better try a new trick, 'cause that one's gettin' old."
  • "Hang on, sweetheart!"
  • "She's like a part of me I can't let go. Let's leave it at that."
  • "Hey Hunnigan, no glasses."
  • "You know, you're kinda cute without those glasses. Gimme your number when I get back?"

Resident Evil 6Edytuj

  • "Stay where you are!"
  • "Yeah, this is Raccoon City all over again."
  • "You wanna tell me what's in there?"
  • "Is this what you wanted to show me?"
  • "Hunnigan. I need you to fake our deaths."
  • "We're going to China."
  • "Sherry? What are you doing here?"
  • "Put your gun down Chris. She's a key witness, we need her."

Resident Evil: Darkside ChroniclesEdytuj

  • "But to him, after all that he's been through, B.O.Ws, Cryptid... They're all the same."
  • "There's more than just girls gone missing..."
  • "My fight against bio warfare all started in a zombie infested ghost town."
  • "Don't tell me there's gonna be more of these things."
  • "Hey, I am a rookie... Don't ask me, I just got here."
  • "It smells like something must be rotting."
  • "They got the hots for you, huh?"
  • "We can't give up. There's gotta be someone left alive."
  • "Nice to hear a human voice out there."
  • "This is like a horror movie."
  • "Let's take a break. Because it looks like it's going to be a long night."
  • "Damn it. I'm sorry, Marvin."
  • "I'm sorry it turned out like this."
  • "After all I don't wanna pull my gun at you."
  • "This place is like hell on earth. Wether you are in the station or outside on the streets, it's all the same."
  • "Did he just come through the roof!?"
  • "Something tells me that he's not gonna listen to reason!"
  • "What's G? What does it stand for?"
  • "Sorry, but I've got no time for this, guys."

Resident Evil DegenerationEdytuj

  • "Shoot'em in the head."
  • "I told you. The only way to stop them is to shoot them in the head. It's their only vulnerable spot. Don't forget it, otherwise you'll only waste time and ammunition. And that can prove to be fatal."
  • "I'm gonna scrub this virus from the face of the earth."
  • "Claire... Try not to get killed."
  • "If you don't try to save one life, you'll never save any. Isn't that right, Curtis?"

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